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TLP Learning Solutions has been helping organizations with their performance improvement needs since 2003. Are you unsure how to improve performance? We will work with you to conduct a needs analysis and help identify the most appropriate learning solutions for you and your organization. We will even tell you if your needs are outside our scope of solutions and will refer you to someone that can help you achieve your desired results. 

We have helped clients in the areas of facilitating workshops on communication, leadership, and sales effectiveness; curricula development, off-the-shelf course recommendation and selection; developing user documentation and job aids; as well as project management and implementation of e-learning platforms and learning management systems.      

We don’t believe that “one size fits all” so every client solution is customized specifically to meet your individual needs. And we don’t just deliver and walk away. We will work with you up to and including the implementation of the approved solution, and then we will continue to work with you and coach you even beyond that. People don’t change just because someone gave them a suggestion. Most people need reinforcement and to continually practice the new behavior or procedure for it to become a natural occurrence. How many times have you attended a learning event and come back to work, put the training guide on the shelf (with all good intentions) and then ended up falling back into the same routine of what you knew? Learning cannot be brought directly back without focus and practice and that’s where we provide our value-added coaching. Now this is priceless!

Depending on the project, we have access to a wide range of exceptional associates with expertise in many specific areas. If we cannot help you achieve your desired results, we will help find someone who can. That is our promise to you.

Facilitation Style

At TLP Learning Solutions our facilitation style preference is to create a comfortable and fun environment for participants. Participants retain more information if material is presented in an interesting and informative manner. We believe in the value of experiential learning. We like interaction as opposed to lecture-style learning when appropriate. We also use the DiSC® assessment profiles in conducting many of our classes. Using these personal assessments gives each participant a personal stake in the session.

DiSC® Description

We use the DiSC Learning Model as the basis of many of our training sessions. DiSC is an assessment tool that provides an in-depth perspective of behavioral style tendencies. This model helps people understand how they do things. DiSC is one of the original, most reliable and validated personal assessments used by over 40 million people to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork and communication. DiSC provides insight into different behavioral tendencies and aids in a better understanding of how to work and interact with people of different behavioral tendencies than our own. Once people understand these behavioral styles they can work more effectively with others, individually and in teams.

Programs and Workshops

Parent and Teen Programs (click each program for more details)

Other Workshops

We customize every workshop for your specific group. In addition, many workshops can be formatted to be delivered in segments. We’ve built in natural start and stop points so that the continuation over a period of time is very natural and does not disrupt the flow of learning.

We currently offer the following workshops:

  • Intro to Effective Communication Using Behavioral Styles
  • Effective Communication Using Behavioral Styles *
  • Communicate Effectively with Everyone *
  • Building Better Customer Relationships *

Click HERE for our current events and workshop offerings

* These workshops can be conducted as a series rather than one individual workshop.

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