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Personal Development Profile® (Phrase version)

The Personal Development Profile®, a shorter, less detailed DiSC® instrument than DiSC Classic, brings DiSC to a broader range of learners. This instrument uses easy-to-understand phrases instead of single words on the response page. Because it is written at a sixth-grade reading level, it's easier to read and understand. It also includes a condensed version of the Classical Patterns, allowing users to apply the concepts of DiSC in shorter sessions. Use it to overcome barriers to DiSC learning and help even more people gain self-understanding and increased behavioral awareness for improved performance and better relationships.

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Sample Reports
- Research Information

Leaders come in many varieties, ranging from the charismatic visionary to the unassuming team player. Most leaders display several leadership characteristics or "dimensions of leadership." A follower can become a leader and a leader can spend time as a follower. The Dimensions of Leadership Profile® is designed to strengthen your organization in three ways

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