A Personal Message from Tammy

Who is Teen Coach Tammy? 

I am originally from New Jersey, the wonderful Garden State.  I grew up in Central Jersey and spent many years there raising my own family.  I worked for AT&T and Lucent for over 20 years.  At AT&T, I worked my way up from a non-management role into a supervisory position and then into middle management.  I spent a number of years doing project management work before moving into the area of education and training.   After leaving AT&T/Lucent, I went into the pharmaceutical industry.  I was the Director of Distance Learning and implemented an e-learning platform for the entire company. 

I always had a yearning to do something that I felt was directly helping others and yet always remained unfulfilled in that aspect.  Having spent most of my career in the Training & Development industry, I did have the satisfaction of helping people in the sense of learning. 

Having three children, a husband, full-time career and everything else that life has to offer, I don’t have to tell you how demanding time was tugging at these different areas of my life.  My husband and I both had successful full-time careers but knew we wanted more out of life.  Both of our dad’s passed away much too young and we know the value of living life with no (or few) regrets.  We made the very difficult decision to move to Florida with our young family.  We had been traveling to Florida for years on business and then every year for vacation, so we had become very familiar with the Central Florida area.  We left our extended families, all in the NJ area, and came to Florida in 2003.  Part of our decision to move included me trading in my career to be a full-time mom, easier said than done, let me tell you.  This big move was quite a transition for all of us and adjusting to being home full-time was much harder than I anticipated.  As we settled into our new surroundings and our youngest went off to school, the time came for me to head back into the world.  I did some consulting work and facilitated DiSC workshops which allowed me to get back into the game and still balance family and not compromise why we came here. 

I still felt that yearning that has tugged at me for my entire career; the need to feel that I was truly helping people.  I have always scratched that itch with my volunteer involvement.  I have been active in helping whether it was with the PTA, church, Girl Scouts or the community.  But how can I make an income doing volunteer work?  How can I pay for the extra things in life (and some of the necessities during these economically challenging times)?  Then along came coaching.  A colleague of mine suggested I look up some information online and start coaching.  After all, I’ve spent years dealing with people and advising them – what else could I possibly need to know?  I’m a very thorough person and feel strongly about having a solid foundation if I’m going to pursue the expertise in a specific area.  I researched many coaching programs and found a program that was the best fit for my needs.  Boy, am I ever glad that I went through a formal training program!  I have learned so much that I never would have gained by just reading about coaching on a website.  So be careful about who you choose to be your coach.  Even if you don’t choose to work with me, be sure your coach has been formally trained and has the credentials to be coaching.

As I embarked on my coaching career, I began working with adults in regard to life coaching and business coaching. I spent time trying to find my niche - the area I felt most comfortable and a true fit. I have always worked with teens and realizing that was my "calling" was very exciting. From facilitating our teen and young adult programs to group and individual coaching, I enjoy it all!

As a parent I have also been through those teen years.  Our oldest is now 22 and I can tell you going through those teen years were not exactly a piece of cake.  I wish we had a teen coach we could have called upon!  Our middle daughter is now 15, almost 16, so I'm back in the throes of a teenager and our son is 10 and will soon be on the heels of being a tween.  So, I've not only lived many of the experiences you have with your teen but I continue to experience them whether they are with my teen or with yours. 

That’s my story and I feel like I have arrived.  I am now helping people in a manner that I would never have imagined and I am loving it!  I can say that I truly love what I do!

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