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I am a classic example of someone who accepts too much responsibility without pushing back. Tammy's coaching has helped me understand that setting boundaries (and sticking to them) can help me control my day. I can now manage both my work and personal life without feeling guilty. Thanks Tammy!

I am very grateful to Tammy.  I was on the verge of resigning from my position as a new, untrained administrator when she came to help me.  Tammy listened to my concerns and provided objective feedback.  With gentle guidance and encouragement, I learned the skills needed to improve as an administrator.  Tammy is a true and trusted professional.

I just wanted to thank you for your time and patience with me. At a time when I was uncertain of which direction to go in my life, you really helped me through it.  I couldn't have done it without you there to coach me along! You asked me some tough questions and some not so tough questions, but all of which I would not have ever thought of myself.  You helped me to take a very hard look at what direction I really wanted to go in with my life and I have not regretted one single moment.   Thank you so much for that! Again, thank you for everything. 

Tammy, thank you for your advice and guidance.

Great class to enhance your self-awareness of limitations and even validations.

The class really helped focus my attention on the things that really need my attention. Learning to zap tolerations and handle things as they happen has started me on my path to simplifying my life and giving me space to grow. Thanks for an awesome experience - when is the next one?!

What a great class!  I learned how we communicate with others, and how others communicate with us, based on where we are coming from in our lives.  I learned how to pick up on other people’s communication styles to help make the conversation more effective.  When you can recognize others needs, you can adapt your behaviors to make the most of a conversation.

Linda Harvey, SCCPTA

“I’ll use this everyday.”

“Best class of the conference.  Loved it.”

“Fun, exciting, very well delivered.  Highly recommend!  Thoroughly enjoyable and highly useful.  Keep it coming.”

“Very informative.  Extremely captivating.”

“Great class.  Time well spent.”

“Very fun workshop – loved it – great materials.”

“The first professional presentation I’ve seen all weekend.  Great exercise.  All should attend.  Most of what goes wrong in an organization is a direct result of different behavior styles.”

“Awesome!  Great presentation and speaker.  Best class here.”

“Fun, I thought this would be somewhat boring but was pleasantly surprised.”

“Very informative and eye opening.  Presentation was well done.”

“Great interactive class.  Learned a lot.”

“Awesome, helpful information.  Speaker was awesome.  Love it.  Thanks.”

“Tammy was fabulous & gave us thought provoking information.  It has started much communication with coworkers.  I’ve been able to better serve my students armed with this info.”

“We enjoyed and were enlightened by Tammy’s team building workshop.  She did a great job and helped encourage dialogue between us and offered suggestions on how to recognize certain traits in our students.  Well done.”

“I will understand quicker why some parents and students react to certain situations.”

“Thank you for helping us work as a team.”


"The Personal Growth Hour of Power is truly the experience implied in the titled. Each session’s topic and theme ignited introspection in a smooth, loving, and comfortable way allowing me the freedom to really go deep within to find my own answers to issues I easily hide from with the daily business of life.  I highly recommend this “hour of power” to everyone for the instant jolt of renewed energy, self-confidence, and empowerment in life and at work. Thanks again for the experience."

Anita L. Torres
Certified Professional in Learning and Performance
Alternative Learning Designs, L.L.C.

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